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Massage Therapy

Massage and chiropractic go hand in hand. While your chiropractor works to find balance through the nervous system, your massage therapist works to find balance through the muscular system. These approaches work in harmony to help increase circulation, maintain good digestion, reduce anxiety, increase relaxation, and maintain wholistic health by supporting body awareness. Massage therapy is a proactive modality that helps you maintain your health and well being. Book your appointment today!

Meet Our Massage Therapists

Bonnie CortezLydia Howe is a Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist. She received her original training at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has been practicing Therapeutic Massage in Chicago since 1993. She has advanced certification in Prenatal and Post partum massage, Myofascial Massage, Deep Tissue, Bouncing Back From Baby, Reflexology, Infant Massage Instruction and Hakomi Skills for body workers (Mind/Body Integration). She believes Massage Therapy can play a key role in building a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Her goal is to help all clients meet their personal goals for health and wellness in a safe and peaceful environment.