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About Enzymes
Learn more by watching this short video! This video is designed to provide a basic introduction to the Loomis System, and review how Dr. Weber will be using the Enzyme system to help you. 

Restoring Your Health Naturally: Resolving your Symptoms

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Nutritional Services

We believe in the time-honored principle that the body always strives to maintain balance. When balance is achieved, the body will perform at its best and maintain its optimal level of health. Symptoms develop when stress (i.e. physical, nutritional or emotional) overwhelms the body's ability to maintain balance. Chiropractors are in a unique position to be able to find and remove the effects of stress on the body through the combination of improved neurobiomechanics and functional nutrition. Dr. Weber conducts a comprehensive examination to determine underlying nutritional imbalances and sources of stress in the body, and then tailors a treatment plan to address the specific stressors.

While regular chiropractic adjustments address physical and neurological stressors, nutritional stressors can be just as important in maintaining a body's optimal function. The best sources of nutrients are whole foods that nourish the body when properly digested and assimilated. An inability to effectively digest and absorb food leads to a lack of essential nutrients, and one can experience digestive problems, fatigue, low immunity, and many other symptoms as a result. Simple dietary changes along with a tailored schedule of natural enzyme supplements will not only improve digestion, but also allow the body to get the proper building blocks it needs to help achieve optimal health.

Nutritional deficiencies are associated with most medical conditions. A list of common conditions that can be improved or eliminated through dietary adjustments includes:






Cardiovascular disease



Gallbladder disorders

Gastric problems
(ulcers, gastritis, gallstones)

Intestinal disorders
(diarrhea, constipation, IBS, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, gluten and dairy intolerance)


(bruises, sprains, broken bones, tendonitis, disc problems)



Kidney stones

Menopausal symptoms

Mental disorders


Skin problems
(acne, psoriasis)

Weight problems

Let us help you find the underlying imbalances that are contributing to your aggravating symptoms. Left uncorrected, they will progress into more substantial health concerns later on. Email to schedule a free fifteen-minute consultation for a nutritional evaluation (valid when you mention this offer when booking).